The Talk Now

Constitutional dilemma
PDP and BKP introspect loss, supporters technically disenfranchised

In his post-election talks after losing the recent primary round of the country’s third National Assembly election, the leader of People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Tshering Tobgay, has been telling supporters that the party will continue to play an active role from outside the Parliament.

View From the Hills

It’s leadership, not them leaders, stupid!

Does the motley crew have what it takes to review and legislate?

The Hill Sutra

Bhutan-China relations
When the big dragon came by

Bhutan and China seek to re-engage after the Doklam standoff.

The Deep Talk

Our deteriorating eating habits
Going junk

In 2014, Bhutan imported noodles worth over Nu. 450 million (USD 6.7m).

Photo Feature

By Kinley Wangmo / BelleDorje Photography

Exploring the Hills

Traveling solo
The dreaded fortress of Dobji

The story behind one of the most fascinating fortresses of Bhutan.

The Other Side of the Hill

Twinz rising
Reaching out to Rembrandt

Chögyam Trungpa’s sacred warriors come alive in Bhutan.

Arts & Letters from the Hills


A poem by Benu

you watch
you can barely see beyond
a huge black bird

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