About The Talking Hills

The Talking Hills, TTH for short, is a website created and run by Gopilal Acharya, a journalist and writer. TTH brings independent perspective on various social issues in Bhutan. It features contributing authors—journalists, academics, and professionals—who are able to write with a degree of authority in their specialized field.

The name ‘The Talking Hills’ was the result of intense debate and research among three senior journalists—Needrup Zangpo, Ugyen Penjor, and Gopilal Acharya.

In Bhutan, we believe hills talk to each other, echoing different standpoints and perspectives. Hills are also used as strategic points to relay messages from one community to another. And hills afford a good view of what lies and happens around them.

At The Talking Hills we want the old tradition of talking things out to continuously challenge silence and inaction.

The Talking Hills Style

We encourage writers to choose their own topic and immerse themselves in the story so that they are able offer a deeper insight into the subject matter. We prefer writing that is literary and longform.